I am excited to announce that I will be giving to talks at this year's Kansas City Developer's Conference! It is defiantly a perfect time to meet up with some great tech speakers and get your networking game on. I would encourage you to attend, and definitely check out one of my talks:

FizzBuzz Buzzkill: Rethinking the Developer Interview Process

Hiring great developers is vital for your company's success. By focusing on key areas of an interview, you can identify great talent as well as promote your company's culture and career opportunities. This presentation will be geared toward technologists involved in their company's interview process, and how they can influence it to attract the best talent.

An Introduction to Ember.js

Does managing state in your single page app seem harder than it should be? Do you suffer from transclusion confusion? Let's dive into Ember.js, and learn why many developers have fallen in love with a framework that focuses on convention rather than configuration.