I grew up in a small farm town outside the St. Louis area, played baseball in the summer, and video games at night.  I had a great family that took care of me, and I take after my father with his ability to fix things. However his skills were focused on cars, engines and carpentry, and mine ended up being a love for fixing computer issues. My passion for tinkering with computers usually led me to reformatting my PC many times over, because I always wanted to fix the problem myself.  I knew that a successful future would be in the realm of computer programming.  I even found my yearbook a few years back, and when asked where I would be in 10 years my response was "Working at a world renowned software company as a programmer."  10 years from the day of my graduation, I was a developer for VML, one of the top advertising agencies in North America.  I would say I hit my target.


I love what I do, and I work for a great company.  Life couldn't get better, right?  Well, in 2010, I met an amazing woman, and and in 2011 we both started a new chapter in our lives as husband and wife. Janie and I love our lives together, and I have never found someone as caring and supportive as her. Then, along came Ethan, Eliza, and Sabrina!  They are a great joy to both my wife and I, and every day is a new adventure with them in our lives.

This site is a way for me to share what I have learned so far, and hopefully help others out there who might stumble across some of the same issues or need advice when selecting a technology to use.  My advice is free, and some people say you get what you paid for!